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Miniskirt revival – 5 skirts to kick start your winter wardrobe

Miniskirt revival – 5 skirts to kick start your winter wardrobe

As winter looms and the great British summertime grinds to a shuddering halt, never has the mod staple – the polo neck and mini, been a more welcome revival. Never really going out of fashion for the most part, catwalks have been gushing with revived love for the mod culture since the start of the […]

Your Chance to Be Part of a Ground-Breaking Fashion Campaign With K-Swiss

As readers of this site, you likely have some interest in fashion. We’ve written many times before about how important style was (and still is) to the Britpop genre. Not just clothing, but attitude. It’s all about self-expression, whether you choose the laid-back cool of Noel Gallagher or mod-revival dandy of Miles Kane or 90s rocker […]

Mod Monday: Mod on a Budget

[Show as slideshow] We all know money can be tight sometimes, but don’t let that keep you from looking fab-u-lous. It’s a fact that all women love to look great and naturally love a bargain. Luckily for you reading this, I’ve done the heavy lifting (or heavy typing) and scoured the web for some snazzy, […]

The Vauxhalls: New Short Film Captures the Essence of Brit Rock

Today sees the release of a new short film about self-expression through fashion, attitude, and — most of all — rock ‘n roll. The Vauxhalls, starring gorgeous British model Abbey Clancy, tells the story of fictional band The Vauxhalls as they get ready for a late-night London gig. The camera artfully follows Abbey as she prepares for […]

Pretty Green Debuts Spring Summer 15 Collection

Pretty Green has debuted their newest collection, entitled The Production, as part of the Spring Summer 15 Black label collection. A showcase took place earlier this week (June 16) at the famous Gibson Brand studio, a legendary rock n’ roll HQ where Paul Weller, Miles Kane, and Primal Scream plan their tours. Like all Pretty […]

Mod shoes – This summers guide to loafing

There’s a huge question mark over the loafer, retro or rubbish? Cutting edge or over the top? Whatever camp you fall into, the loafer has been, well, loafing for decades. From the Small Faces to Madness. Weller to Gallagher. The notable style has always been championed but never more in the mainstream than now. The […]

Mod Monday: Bright and Bold

The winter has me feeling gloomy, so I’m trying to incorporate some more color into my wardrobe. A little bit of color therapy, if you will. Jamie has gone pretty full on crazy with Pretty Green – mostly due to their boxing day, or post christmas – however you view such things, sale. I believe […]

Mod Men’s Pick of the Week: Watches

We’ve featured some style tips and picks for fashionable men on the site before, and will continue to share things with you as we come across them. But don’t forget that accessories complete your outfit, and sometimes even take it to another level. Have you seen Liam Gallagher with a cool scarf or pair of […]

Gallagher’s Pretty Green Previews 2014 Collection

Pretty Green, Liam Gallagher’s stylish fashion label, has previewed its Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The new designs take their inspiration from the bold psychedelia of the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour. The brand is deeply influenced by the styles which exemplify the personality and rebellion of rock n’ roll. Clearly, its lineage prevails across the breadth of […]