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When Life Gives You Lemon, You Speculate ‘The Stone Roses 2016’

I wish I was in Manchester.

Unfortunately I am not. Here somewhere around South East Asia, only speculation can be made, without seeing myself how does mysterious appearance of lemon posters around Manchester look like. Some tried to connect the dots, even claimed secret hint from unnamed Etihad Stadium official that said there will be 2 days Roses gigs on planning. Speculations are flying around, so here’s my lemonade I tried to squeeze from the lemons that life gave me.

My curiosity began with a tweet I found on October 3rd, showing that someone’s son had met John Squire in King Tuts a night before and signalling that apparently Stone Roses is “on tour next year”

Something good to believe in, at least for a Roses – die hard (like me). But how do we test the credibility of this tweet, unless it came from their management or inner circle (Yes Millsy, I’d believe in you, but in Twitter world it’s still 50:50 until it’s proven right) The curiosity arose again on October 27th when Soccer FM asked Noel Gallagher whether he had any idea what’s going on with The Roses, where he replied “Yes. I know exactly what going on – They’re blooming” AGAIN, I wish I was somewhere nearby there to see, how Noel phrased it with his face and tone, so that it’s clearer whether it referred to The Stone Roses or just a plain joke on Gardening 101.

Meanwhile, after reading about Noel’s statement, I also watched Johnny Marr’s October 8th Granada Reports; on which Mike Hall the presenter asked about how does he feel about some iconic Mancunian acts reforming, such as The Stone Roses. There Johnny answered “They started out as mates you know, they were kids who used to kick around together, they have sort of unfinished business I think, they only made two records, and it suits them and it made them very happy, so I was really happy for them”

That tickled my mind a little bit, the part of “they only made two records” and yes of course they have sort of unfinished business, otherwise there will be no reunion press conference on October 2011 even if just a couple of years before John Squire put “I have no desire whatsoever to desecrate the grave of seminal Manchester pop group the Stone Roses” on one of his artwork. So perhaps there will be tour in 2016. Or, a new material, can be new song or even better new album just like we digested from what Mani said “2015 man, 2015!” two years ago. 

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Now this tweet from Tim Burgess today few hours ago that blew my curiosity off  

Now after Noel Gallagher and Tim Burgess, no official statement made so far. But what happened around Manchester these days, the appearance of 16 lemons in posters, and every hot speculation you can easily found in the media today, would lead nowhere certain except a hope that it is not ended-up a well-baked joke. I’m crossing my fingers on The Stone Roses 2016. (Thakis)


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