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The Stone Roses Third Album in 2015: Another Great Expectation?

Another speculation of The Stone Roses’ new material has been surfacing again early this evening. It was Mani’s interview with Gigslutz that started the news; “2015 man, 2015” said the bassist answering the possibility of their third album. Previously the rumors of The Stone Roses new material surfaced after a picture of their pre-Heaton Park rehearsal setlist board was uploaded and spread through the internet. There were “new song” written under the usual familiar songs on the board in their rehearsal studio, made speculation arise between fans and media.

Let’s calculate the possibility of the new materials, or furthermore third album; on their reunion press-conference in October 2011 it is said that they have signed 2 album contract. In 2012 signal was given by John Robb to NME saying “John (Squire) is enthusing about the way the band now sounds, saying that they now sound better than ever”, seemed like they were working on new stuff as Ian also spoke in the same year that they sounded more “psychedelic” lately.

When the last time I spoke to Ian in Jakarta earlier this year, about new materials, he said “Nah it’s slow mate, it’s really really slow” but I don’t know whether it refers to Roses or his solo. The expectation then lowered again as John Squire said at “Made of Stone” docco premiere on July 2013 that it probably takes 5 years from now till the new material is ready. Now the calculation is nearly 20% probability, and Mani had “given us hope” again, “We hope so, but we said that before didn’t we… we’ll keep writing and if it hits our standards we’ll go with it” he said. Is it too late for new materials or is it just the right time?

Some fans never want them to make it to third album, they said being on-stage playing classics, that’s what The Roses are suppose to be, because that’s the way they’re remembered, 2 albums, tons of singles, all big, and that’s it, they may remain as a legend forever.

Some others are looking at other bands probably like Blur, that successfully released their singles, slowly one by one, world tour playing old and new songs, capturing the right moment in “Under The Westway” and still on acceptance. Suede are more consistent, with new album “Bloodsports” which tastes no different with their signature sounds but fresh on the arrangements, also on a world tour. Pulp on the other hands, after the new “After You” single were highly expected for a true comeback, and they’re just not doing any. Leaving us the thought of ‘are you coming back or not’

Which one will The Stone Roses be? Would you like, or maybe precisely, are you ready to set your expectation on their new sounds? Will they be disappointing or bring another addition to their (almost all) greatest hits?

To me I’ll come to any leading possibilities, will be not much matter when you’ve spent time waiting from their last release in 1996 up to now. As long as they enjoy it, I will follow, 5 years won’t be that long. (Thakis)


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