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Stone Roses Announce 3 Summer Gigs

Stone Roses Announce 3 Summer Gigs

The poster above says it all. Yesterday the Stone Roses revealed the meaning behind the ‘sixteen lemons’ posters cropping up all around Manchester City. As you can see, the Stone Roses (and TBA special guests — perhaps the Charlatans — who will be appearing on the Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday?) have […]

Mysterious Stone Roses Posters Appear In Manchester

Manchester fans are speculating about a major upcoming announcement from Stone Roses today. It seems that a series of posters depicting the band’s iconic lemon logo have appeared overnight around the city. Confirmed sightings of the lemon include the Close barber shop on Greater Ancoats Street and the Vinyl Revival record store on Hilton Street. […]

3 Essential Documentaries of Mancunian Icons Released in 2013

There will never be enough documentary to portray Manchester scenes, from Post-Punk era, Hacienda, to Madchester, Britpop and Post-Britpop scene, Manchester remains the biggest resource of cool music with their own definition of style and attitude. Here in 2013, three doccos highlighted three Mancunian icons from three different generations. If you haven’t watch it, you’d […]

4 Seminal UK Albums Everyone Should Hear

Musicians and music fans alike continually praise these four British albums as the most groundbreaking and influential of the past forty years. From the emergence of punk in the 1970s to the rising popularity of dance and electronica, these four bands have played a major role in expanding our understanding of the cultural impact music […]

The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone Gets N. American Release

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary for iconic Manchester group, the Stone Roses. With their breakthrough 1989 debut, the Roses set the tone for British music from the 1990s onward. Though they disbanded shortly after their second album, the impact the band’s scant releases have had on musicians around the world has only increased over […]

‘Made Of Stone’ Trailer: A Work of Love by Shane Meadows

Shane Meadows’ trailer of his newest piece of art ‘Made of Stone’ has finally revealed. It was published firstly on April 16th, revealing few scenes from the docs which will be premiered on May 30th in Victoria Warehouse, Manchester. In the trailer opening it is shown ‘In 2012 a resurrection nobody thought possible took the […]

Stone Roses band photo from 1991

Azealia Banks vs. the Stone Roses

In a news story more bizarre than the one where Brett Anderson told the NME about an upcoming Stone Roses album, rapper Azealia Banks is engaging in a Twitter feud with some old dudes from Manchester. From the NME: Both acts are currently playing the Future Music Festival in Australia and, judging by Banks’ Tweets, […]

Young stone roses picture

3 DAYS TO BE ADORED FOREVER: The Stone Roses Live In Jakarta (A Fan Note)

PART I: WHAT THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR It was late 23.59, 1 minute before 00.00 in the early morning of November 14th 2012 when The Stone Roses officially announced a gig in Jakarta via twitter. Lots of congratulations and joyful texts flood both my twitter account and messenger. I was crying happily knowing that […]