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Britpop Band Bluetones playing jools holland

More Reactions to Robbie Williams

More Reactions to Robbie Williams

The best Britpop related news story in ages continues to spawn hilarity. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you even more reactions to Robbie Williams’ anti-90s UK indie tirade! From the Sun: MARK MORRISS from THE BLUETONES joked: “GIRLS ALOUD decide to quit the biz, and @robbiewilliams says I only ever had one good song . […]

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Reactions To Robbie Williams vs. Britpop

Earlier today, we covered what some have dubbed “Suedegate 2013” – an attack on ’90s indie bands (mostly Britpop groups) by Robbie Williams sparked by a comment by Suede’s Brett Anderson taken entirely out of context by the top-notch journalists at the Sun. Here I have compiled my favorite tweets from Britpop stars in reaction […]