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Star Shaped Club have announced a Britpop festival for September and the line up is glorious

Star Shaped Club have announced a Britpop festival for September and the line up is glorious

They’ve been putting on monthly Britpop club nights for only a year, but London’s Star Shaped Club have just stepped things up with the announcement of their inaugural Star Shaped Festival. Oh yeah, and the line up? It’s, as Ian Brown might say, glorious. To headline, Shed Seven’s vocalist Rick Witter and guitarist Paul Banks […]

Britpop-themed club Star Shaped to launch in London this February

Britpop fans of London, you’re in for a real treat. Scratch that, Britpop fans of London and beyond, take note, because this one seems worth a commute.   Devoted entirely to the Britpop scene and promising brilliant music and brilliant fun, the aptly named Star Shaped Club is opening its doors to music fans this […]

‘Butterfly’: Supergrass vs. Mansun vs. The Verve vs. Shack

Wow! Four, count ’em, FOUR Britpop bands released songs called ‘Butterfly’! Is Britain a land of lepidopterists? Are they all obsessed with the excellent William Wyler film, The Collector? Well, let’s give a listen to the four butterflies to see what they’re all about. Supergrass – Butterfly This is the final track on their last […]

‘Duchess’: Suede vs. Mansun vs. the Stranglers

Suede – Duchess ‘Duchess’ is a b-side from Suede’s thirteenth single, ‘Filmstar,’ released 11 August 1997. Singer Brett Anderson has listed this song amongst his least favorite Suede songs, but do you agree? The song opens with a ticking bass line and Anderson’s vocals pipe in as if emanating from a claustrophobic vacuum. Its minimalistic […]

Mansun EP Two 03/06/96

The second Mansun EP is easily the most raucous. Remember the joy of turning up the gain on your first electric guitar? Paul and Chad do and they let rip with Stove and Hib (Tony McCarroll to Andie Rathbone’s Alan White) giving punky support. Take It Easy Chicken features Chad’s trademark ‘strangled chicken’ guitar noise […]

Mansun EP One 25/03/96

Chad dirties up his sound over Hib’s baggy beats as Paul recites the most messed up nursury rhyme since Humpty Dumpty. Ski Jump Nose is a call to arms for misfits. We’re all in this together. Keep it together. You ragamuffins! Lemonade Secret Drinker beckons you to a dismal pub corner and tells you how […]

Mansun Singles Retrospective

Mansun released an impressive number of solid singles during their brief career. Each single was treated as an EP. Usually when a single was released, Mansun released two different EPs supporting it. This gave all of us Mansun fans a plethora of awesome b-sides. Check out the Mansun single discography in the gallery for album […]

Top 5 Mansun B-Sides

Mansun was a criminally underrated band. Their b-sides and rarities were far better than most bands’ singles and album tracks. Unfortunately, Mansun didn’t receive the love they deserved when they were active. As such I have made it my mission to spread the Mansun gospel in 2013. In case you’ve never heard them, here are […]

Mansun’s Legacy

Check out my latest blog for the Huffington Post — it’s all part of my never ending quest to convert as many people to the Church of Mansun as possible. 😉 Mansun’s Legacy