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Britpop Bookshelf: Luke Haines’ Bad Vibes

Britpop Bookshelf: Luke Haines’ Bad Vibes

Love triangles. Band rivalries. Heroin heroin heroin. The Britpop era was fraught with the sort of drama that could satisfy any tabloid lover. While most of the juiciest stories have been heavily guarded by the bands themselves (or perhaps forgotten in a distant drug haze), Luke Haines dishes up a bit of delicious dirt in […]

I Took A Showgirl For My Bride…

Whenever I read a Britpop retrospective, I rarely see the Auteurs included on the list. Hell, I didn’t even include them on my “Revisiting Britpop” piece for the Huffington Post. I fell in love with the Auteurs back in August and they’ve rarely left my iTunes/stereo/whatever since then. I’ll discuss them in depth at a […]