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‘Sunrise’: The Divine Comedy vs. Pulp

Wake up! The sun has risen and it’s time for you to wake up, too, with two songs called ‘Sunrise’ by the Divine Comedy and Pulp. Which one would get you started in the morning?

The Divine Comedy – Sunrise

The powerful baroque pop of The Divine Comedy’s ‘Sunrise’ swells like the morning’s light filtering through the dark sky. This would be a great wake up tune, as would most anything Neil Hannon sings. Many of his songs would sound great with the addition of chirping birds, city traffic, and other morning sounds. You can find this on the nearly-perfect 1998 album, Fin de Siecle.

Pulp – Sunrise

They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn, don’t they? ‘Sunrise’ describes breaking free from our sabotaging and self-destructive lives and starting anew. This is one of the highlights from Pulp’s last album, We Love Life.

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