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Shoegaze in a New Decade: Sunstack Jones release dreamy new single Lighthouse

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Isn’t it nice when you hear something new that is refreshingly different and blissfully familiar all at once? Not content to simply dip their toe into psychedelia, Sunstack Jones have dived into the pool head-first, immerse themselves in the gentle ripples and surging undercurrents of inspired pysch. Perhaps most importantly, though, is what they’ve not done in their glistening new single ‘Lighthouse’.

Avoiding the over-done, noisy, heady stream of psych rock that has saturated the industry of late, Sunstack Jones have kept their sound understated, blissfully gentle, and, in the style of so many bands before them, quintessentially British.

From North-West England, Sunstack Jones formed in 2011 and have since self-released two albums, 2012’s Surefire Ways To Sweeten The Mind, and 2014’s Roam. Throwing in some live shows and a few single releases into the mix from the get-go, the five-piece have now signed to Brass Button Records, ensuring a third album release is imminent.

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With their strong psych/shoegaze leanings and tender songwriting, Sunstack Jones have a lot to work with, and have crafted something truly beautiful in ‘Lighthouse’. Paced and purposeful, Lighthouse leads to a natural climax while regularly conceding to the guitars and effects that skims gentle over it all.

Not surprisingly, the band have put together a gorgeously dreamy music video that matches the soundscape of ‘Lighthouse’ perfectly. Landscape cinematography and photography of Sunstack Jones’ members are cut together with misty, semi-opaque filters, giving the video a lulling underwater-like quality.

If you thought you heard some subtle country influence in ‘Lighthouse’ (surprise, surprise: it’s the guitars), you’ll be satisfied to know that b-side ‘Cold Heart’ builds on this theme wonderfully, revealing a whole new side to the band and further showcasing the strength of their songwriting.

With bolder percussion and clearly defined, wider-ranging vocals that sit higher up in the mix, ‘Cold Heart’ is an introspective if not mournful ballad, tempered with the shimmering guitars a band so heavily influenced by psych can’t seem to shake. And what a beautiful combination it is – like ‘Lighthouse’, ‘Cold Heart’ has massive replay value – a promising sign for the quality of the band’s upcoming album.

Lighthouse / Cold Heart is set for release on 5th February and available to pre-order on 7″ vinyl here here

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