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Noel Gallagher Versus Ed Sheeran: Not Really News

Can we all agree that the Noel Gallagher vs. Ed Sheeran brawl is a bunch of bull? I’ve been seeing countless stories about how Noel “verbally attacked” this Sheeran guy, and how Sheeran’s responses are nothing but classy and amazing. Anyone who knows anything about the Gallagher brothers knows this is nothing new. A Gallagher shares his opinion without censoring himself and it makes headlines. This has been happening since the early ’90s. It’s actually a brilliant bit of PR.

In this instance, the older Gallagher brother, Noel, commented in an interview with NME that, “I don’t think I can live in a world where [Sheeran playing Wembley] is even possible.” Sheeran issued a reply on Twitter: ““I can live in it, it’s really enjoyable.” I’ve seen several “news sites” reporting that Sheeran’s comeback was either super classy, oh what a guy, or a hot burn against Noel. Sheeran also offered Noel tickets to one of his sold-out shows to which Noel replied, “You cheeky so and so.”

To all of this, all I can say is, Way to go, Noel. You’ve drummed up a bit more press about yourself as your album is about to drop. And your biggest fans will always appreciate your biting humor and brash opinions. Very rock ‘n roll.

Also… who the hell is Ed Sheeran?