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Watch Radiohead Live at Reading 1994

Watch Radiohead Live at Reading 1994

Radiohead put on a great performance at their first appearance at Reading Festival in 1994. The band were scheduled to play the previous year but had to cancel due to singer Thom Yorke’s laryngitis. They agreed to perform at the festival in 1994 but were quite nervous about it. The band all considered this to […]

The Stone Roses Bar – Leeds

STONE ROSES BAR – LEEDS Britpop’s glory years seem so long ago now. For those of us that still live in the bubble of the mid nineties, a night on the town can be a somewhat tawdry affair. Saturday nights spent in bars that, quite frankly, are way too shiny and sparkly for the likes […]

Watch Suede’s New Video ‘For The Strangers’

Suede debuted a black and white concert video promoting their new single, ‘For The Strangers,’ at their Live By The Lake gig last Friday, August 23. The video is now available to view online. Though live music videos are not an original concept, producer Ben Lankester’s video features footage, taken from Suede’s triumphant comeback gig […]

Noel Gallagher Denies Working With Albarn, Oasis Reunion

Noel Gallagher is a killjoy. He has been tramping down all our Britpop dreams this past week. Speaking with Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy of talkSPORT Radio on August 15, Gallagher responded to claims by Blur bassist Alex James about an alleged collaboration between him and Damon Albarn. He denied the claims by saying, ‘I […]

Arctic Monkeys: ‘AM’ Preview

The evolution of the Arctic Monkeys is clear for all to see . From the humble beginnings of a stripped back Sheffield indie rock outfit the band have adjusted, experimented and evolved their sound album upon album, even entering the realms of psychedelic ballads and funky R’n’B. With the release of their 5th studio album, “AM” due for release on the 9th of September this […]

Future Damon Albarn And Noel Gallagher Collaboration?

Blur bassist Alex James recently hinted that Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher are ‘working together on a lot of stuff.’ Gallagher and Albarn apparently put their well-publicized hostility behind them after a chance meeting in London last year. Last March, the pair’s reconciliation went one step further when they performed together at London’s Royal Albert […]