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Have You Heard This Noel Gallagher Demo: Makes Me Wanna Cry

Have You Heard This Noel Gallagher Demo: Makes Me Wanna Cry

Lets add one more Noel Gallagher demo to the Britpopnews blogroll with “Makes me wanna cry”. Half of the ones we’ve posted have been taken down from youtube within a day of us posting. What I’m saying is enjoy this particular video while you can because EMI clearly reads this and other sites out there […]

The Pigeon Detectives Album Review: We Met At Sea

I remember standing in Bramham Park in August 2011 eagerly awaiting the next act on the Main Stage at Leeds Festival. Glancing to my left I was confronted by n less than the unmistakeable curly locks of Pigeon Detectives frontman, Matt Bowman. I’d followed the rise of the Yorkshire five piece since 2006 and to […]

Mod Monday: Rainy Day Style

April may not have brought too many showers this year, so maybe May will. Here’s a cute outfit and accessories that will keep you looking bright and sunny even on dreary days. Quaint the Town Red Dress from ModCloth – $82.99 from: ModCloth It’s a Dune Deal Heel from ModCloth – $209.99 from: ModCloth Decibel […]

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It Was All Yellow? – The Truth Behind The Coldplay hit

“Look at the stars….look how they shine for you…” You’re familiar with the song right? It’s one of the big hits from major British band Coldplay. But were the stars really what front man Chris Martin was looking at? Recorded in March 2000, The song was released as the lead single of the band’s debut […]

Morrissey Album Review: Kill Uncle Reissue

Morrissey outwitted everyone as the Dorothy Parker of pop under the auspices of the Smiths in the 1980s. When they broke up in 1987, Morrissey’s fans eagerly awaited his first foray into solo territory. 1988’s Viva Hate was a continuation of the Smith’s pristine legacy, both lyrically and musically. Stephen Street, former Smiths producer, set […]