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Suede Announce 7th Studio Album, Night Thoughts

Suede Announce 7th Studio Album, Night Thoughts

Suede have announced that they will release their new album ‘Night Thoughts’ on January 22nd, 2016. The album will be accompanied by a feature film directed by acclaimed photographer Roger Sargent, which will be released on DVD as part of a special album package.The band will premiere both the film and the album with two […]

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Reactions To Robbie Williams vs. Britpop

Earlier today, we covered what some have dubbed “Suedegate 2013” – an attack on ’90s indie bands (mostly Britpop groups) by Robbie Williams sparked by a comment by Suede’s Brett Anderson taken entirely out of context by the top-notch journalists at the Sun. Here I have compiled my favorite tweets from Britpop stars in reaction […]

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Le Pop Anglais: 8 Moments In Francophilia

Many English songwriters have realized that the best way to strengthen international relations is to enter into a musical alliance. The obsession with all things Gallic is shared by many top Britpop bands, who have sought to add a little je ne sais quoi to the glitz of their pop song perfection.  The language of […]

Are These New Suede Lyrics?

On New Year’s Day, Brett Anderson posted what I can only assume are new Suede lyrics on the official Suede forum: Aniseed kisses and lipstick traces, lemonade sipped in Belgian rooms couldn’t replace the graceful notions that clung to me when i clung to you, And they touch you like no one touched you,and when […]