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Suede To Release Dog Man Star Box Set

Suede have announced that a new box set of their sophomore album, Dog Man Star, will be released in honor of its twentieth anniversary. The limited edition collectors’ box set will be released on October 20.

To complicate matters, there will be two versions of this release: a general release with the familiar green tinted cover art, and one with a Suede store-exclusive orange tint that will include a bonus 12″ vinyl of ‘Stay Together’. The orange tinted box set will be limited to just 500 copies worldwide!

The box sets will contain all of the b-sides that came with the album’s singles. However, we’re most excited about the DVD, some of which will hopefully be rare. Footage will include previously unseen video interviews with the band; Top of the Pops and O Zone performances from 1994; Dog Man Star tour films; and the ‘Stay Together’ promo video. A 48-page hardback book will feature new notes from Brett Anderson, as well as handwritten lyrics.

A 7″ NME flexi disc of ‘We Are The Pigs’/’The Wild Ones’ will come in a replica original sleeve, and the set also includes a cassette of the original album and a Blu-Ray audio CD.


Let’s itemize the full contents of the sets:


  • High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-Ray of Dog Man Star, including all b-sides
  • 2 CDs in a mini gatefold sleeve
  • A cassette of the entire album with original 1994 inlay
  • 12″ singles of ‘We Are The Pigs’ and ‘The Wild Ones’
  • 7″ reproduction of the NME flexi disc in original pic sleeve
  • 12″ single of ‘Stay Together’ [ORANGE BOX SET EXCLUSIVE!]


  • July 2013 interviews with Brett Anderson, Mat Osman, Bernard Butler, and Ed Buller
  • Appearances on Top of the Pops and the O Zone in 1994
  • Dog Man Star tour films
  • ‘Stay Together’ promo film


  • 60 page hardback book with notes by Brett Anderson, photos, handwritten lyrics, and ephemera
  • 48 page sheet music book with five songs


  • Plasic carrier bag with an exclusive design
  • A Dog Man Star 20 A2 poster
  • 12″x12″ print


Here’s the full tracklisting:


1. Introducing The Band
2. We Are The Pigs
3. Heroine
4. The Wild Ones
5. Daddy’s Speeding
6. The Power
7. New Generation
8. This Hollywood Life
9. The 2 Of Us
10. Black Or Blue
11. The Asphalt World
12. Still Life


1. My Dark Star
2. The Living Dead
3. Stay Together [full length version]
4. Killing Of A Flashboy
5. Whipsnade
6. This World Needs A Father
7. Modern Boys
8. Eno’s Introducing The Band

(all tracks up to this point will also be on the high fidelity pure audio Blu-Ray disc)


9. La Puissance (The Power – live French version)
10. The Living Dead [piano version]
11. We Believe In Showbiz
12. Still Life [orchestral version]
13. The Wild Ones [original unedited version]
14. The Asphalt World [original unedited version]

Frustratingly, this set cannot replace the 2011 deluxe edition. The earlier reissue contains five demos that don’t feature on this box set, as well as a packed DVD that doesn’t appear to have a lot of overlap with this new DVD. There is no previously unreleased audio on the new set, and it’s hard to tell how much of the video has never been seen. The major advantage of the new set is it covers all the audio formats you could want, and the books and extras seem like exciting collectibles.


The standard edition (green tint) is available from Amazon, and it can be pre-ordered now for £102.07.
The limited edition (orange tint) is available exclusively from the official Suede store at MyPlayDirect. It can be pre-ordered for £99.99.

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