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Shoegaze in a New Decade: Juleah’s on The Verge of a New EP

Earlier this year, we brought you an interview with Juleah, AKA Julia Hummer, the Austrian social worker who had, ever so brilliantly, just self-released her debut album Shimmering Road – written, recorded and mastered all while she was working full-time.

Barely six months since then, Juleah is back with more sonic bliss. With a new EP in the works (Entangled and Entwined is out “soon”), she’s released a new track, The Verge.

Slower and more contemplative than most tracks on Shimmering Road, The Verge sparkles with tambourine and the more hypnotic instruments of psychedelia but shares the album’s penchant for deep, brooding guitar tones. While just as dark as anything Juleah’s done before, The Verge also has a lighter side.

Having seemingly found more confidence in her vocals, or perhaps merely matching the introspective, emotive lyrics she delivers, Juleah explores new territory with her voice. “What fills my lungs underwater / Frees me from despair”, she croons in layered tracks before a bridge of wordless vocalisation.

The Verge comes complete with a beautiful music video to match the atmospheric vibes that flow through the track. Psychedelic distortion of image lends its power to panoramic cliffs, beaches bathed in the soft pastel lights of dusk, and the long, empty roads that wind their way through the rocky valleys that glow almost as orange as the sunset we see Juleah walk into.

The Verge is begging to be heard on repeat and is a tantalising taste of what’s to come.

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