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Mysterious Stone Roses Posters Appear In Manchester

Manchester fans are speculating about a major upcoming announcement from Stone Roses today. It seems that a series of posters depicting the band’s iconic lemon logo have appeared overnight around the city. Confirmed sightings of the lemon include the Close barber shop on Greater Ancoats Street and the Vinyl Revival record store on Hilton Street. The posters are also said to have appeared in several shops in the Northern Quarter area of the city. One shop keeper told the Manchester Evening News that he had been ‘sworn to secrecy about an announcement due in the next 24 hours.’ In fact, according to the Daily Record, the announcement should break today at 7 pm UK time.

Sixteen lemons are shown in every incidence of the poster, which is thought to signify a major announcement about the band’s 2016 plans.

‘Stone Roses’ began trending on Twitter by 10 am in anticipation of breaking news. While insiders have been tight-lipped, various Manchester notables have dropped hints about what the Stone Roses might be planning. It has been speculated that two gigs at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium could be in the works. Manchester musicians Liam Fray of The Courteeners and Tim Burgess of the Charlatans have also tweeted about the posters, leading some to wonder if all three bands are planning some kind of event. And, of course, there’s the perennial murmurings about a Glastonbury headline slot and the band’s long awaited third album.


           16 lemons?
          — Tim Burgess (@Tim_Burgess) November 2, 2015

(Not so sure about that last one!)

Stone Roses reformed in 2011, ending a fifteen year split, to play a series of international gigs in 2012 and 2013 but have remained inactive for the past two years.

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