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‘Monday Morning’: Pulp vs. The Candyskins

And, now we’re back here at Monday, so.. I guess we’ve got to do it all over again, oh baby. Fact is, the only thing worse than Mondays are Monday mornings. So, let’s start the week off as best we can with a grand battle between two songs called ‘Monday Morning.’ This might be the worst moment of your week, but which of these two songs is your antidote to the dreaded Monday morning? Do you prefer it Pulped or with a Candyskin (whatever that is)?

Pulp – Monday Morning

Pulp just about sums up my Mondays. Okay, with some slightly seedy romanticism thrown in. After all, who can make you long for marathon late nights, hangovers, and morning-after shame like Jarvis Cocker? ‘Monday Morning’ delivers existential angst with one of the most charming Northern accents on record, and it’s one of those songs that is discouraging and energizing all at once.

The Candyskins – Monday Morning

Yes, why don’t we ‘stay in bed on a Monday morning’? The Candyskins have got it right. ‘Monday Morning’ was the Oxfordshire band’s biggest hit over their decade run.

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