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‘Electricity’: Suede vs. Spiritualized

You would assume that any song called ‘Electricity’ would sizzle with dynamism, excitement, and, perhaps, a little danger. Which of these songs powers you up?

Suede – Electricity

‘Electricity’ was the first single off Suede’s fourth album, Head Music, and despite some moaning about that album, the song did quite well in the UK singles chart, hitting number 5. Head Music took the dance record, Coming Up, a step further by relying heavily on electronics, and this song was an introduction to their new synth sound. In the video, the band appears amidst electric sparks, the alleyway so juiced up that they spontaneously appear and flicker in time to the music. Someone should call the power company. That can’t be safe!


Spiritualized – Electricity

Coincidentally, ‘Electricity’ was the first single off of Spiritualized’s album, 1997’s Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space. That sentiment seems a little passive compared to the raucous classic rock blast of ‘Electricity.’ The video features a lot of complementary fast American city scenes.

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