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Suede Announce 7th Studio Album, Night Thoughts

Suede Announce 7th Studio Album, Night Thoughts

Suede have announced that they will release their new album ‘Night Thoughts’ on January 22nd, 2016. The album will be accompanied by a feature film directed by acclaimed photographer Roger Sargent, which will be released on DVD as part of a special album package.The band will premiere both the film and the album with two […]

Marblehead Johnson – Britpop tribute band to hit London

Marblehead Johnson are coming to London….   October 9th see’s one of the UK’s premier Britpop tribute bands hitting the Half Moon in Putney. Marblehead Johnson are keeping the Britpop flame well and truly alive in a show packed with Britpop favourites, fuelled with a passion for the era combined with genuine talent. The music […]

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Britpop reunion tour – who would you want to see?

It’s been mused over for years. If the Woolies bargain bin pop fodder from the 90’s have managed to scrape together a line up and market what appears to have been a shockingly successful 90’s reunion tour, then surely the Britpop revival is a no brainer? There are bound to be reasons as to why […]

Mixtape memories

You fell in love with someone, you made a mixtape. You fell out of love with someone, you made a mixtape. You felt miserable, you made a mixtape. You felt happy, you made a mixtape. This was the 90’s. We didn’t have the luxury of Twitter giving us the platform to steal our loved ones […]

Shed Seven live – your highlights?

I heard someone mention Christmas the other day, which can only mean one thing……a Sheds tour. It’s as much a part of the festivities as turkey and Pictionary, right? For most people, Christmas is all about the gift giving, over indulging food wise, the annual contact with those relatives you don’t actually know. For me, […]

Star Shaped Club are holding a summer special with Menswe@r’s Johnny Dean

Right in the middle of festival season, it’s time for something daringly different. Forget frozen drinks and barbecues in the sun  – check out what our friends at Star Shaped Club have cooked up. Headlining a bumper August 1 event,  Menswe@r main man Johnny Dean will play a special DJ set. Dean is the founding […]

Shoegaze in a New Decade: Juleah releases third LP Melt Inside The Sun

 Over two years ago, I discovered a treasure-trove on YouTube. A collection of painstakingly recorded covers: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kasabian, Oasis, the Brian Jonestown Massacre. A musician calling herself “Juleah” evidentally had very similar music taste to me, and her covers were incredible. Her music was bluesy and dark but carried itself with an […]

Shoegaze in a New Decade: Sunstack Jones release brilliant new single ‘Good This Time’

Shoegazers and psych lovers, have I got a treat for you. Sunstack Jones, yet another great band from England’s North, have unveiled their latest offering to the world. ‘Good This Time’ is a shimmering gem of a single. Introduced to me by a friend as “reminiscent of the kind of dreamy ballads [Richard] Ashcroft used […]

A promo shot of the band from oxford england - Ride

Ride – Manchester Albert Hall – May 23rd 2015

As the sun starts to descend on a sunny Manchester shards of light pierce through the windows of the Royal Albert Hall and illuminate the grand gothic interior of this beautiful venue, and it seems only fitting that a gig of this magnitude is held in such biblical surroundings, for tonight is the night that Mark […]

Clinging to the Blur vs. Oasis Britpop “Feud”

With the release of The Magic Whip, Blur’s first studio album since 2003, the word britpop is resurfacing on news sites and music blogs. Unfortunately it’s often considered a dirty word, like britpop is from a time in music we should all be ashamed of, like ska or emo. If you’re reading this site, then […]