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‘On Your Own’: Blur vs. The Verve

Blur – On Your Own

‘On Your Own’ can be found on Blur’s 1997 album, Blur. The vocals for this song were recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland. Their promo video for the song (above) is spectacularly ridiculous with Damon ‘There’s Always Been A Hip-Hop Element To My Trousers’ Albarn bounding about like an urban gorilla in what appears to be an abandoned construction site. Of course, Albarn’s predilection for bitchin’ threads hardly explains the atrocious furry bucket hat that eventually rejects his head at the end of the video. Graffiti, eerie outsider art, itchy dogs, and Dave Rowntree hiding out in a underground bunker are just a few of the oddities to note.


The Verve – On Your Own

The Verve’s ‘On Your Own’ is off their second album, 1995’s A Northern Soul, and was the second single from the album. It has been noted that the song seems to be based on the Smiths, and, in particular, ‘How Soon Is Now?’ It even features a recurring lyric that is similar to that song’s: ‘and you stand on your own and you leave on your own.’ The music is also an interpretation of Johnny Marr’s style.

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