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Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner Appears in New Mini Mansions Song and Video

Aching for something new from Arctic Monkeys since their 2013 album AM? Well, would you settle for something from Alex Turner? The AM leadman makes an appearance on the new song “Vertigo” from Los Angeles band Mini Mansions. Turner sings a brief interlude on the song. He also appears in the video, along with several topless ladies. Turner, one of music’s most iconic living fashion icons, seems to have evolved his teddy boy look a bit and is now doing this retro Dean Martin lounge singer rat pack thing. Slicked back hair, slim cut suit with shirt unbuttoned, and drink in hand, this style would look slimy on a lesser man.

Take a look (video probably NSFW):

Apart from Turner’s cameo, the song doesn’t quite do it for me. (Even Turner has sounded better.) Mini Mansions comes across with a John Lennon meets Air meets Fountains of Wayne sound to me, but not as sincere. Granted, this is the only song I’ve heard from the band and maybe I ought to give them another listen, but the pretentious video mixed with lackluster song doesn’t have me running to iTunes.

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