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Watch Full Morrissey Set From Øya Festival 2006

Watch Full Morrissey Set From Øya Festival 2006

This weekend, enjoy the broadcast of Morrissey’s 2006 appearance at the Norwegian Øya Festival. Opening with the Smiths (and followed by THREE more Smiths hits — including ‘Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before’!!), most of the set is taken from his later albums, You Are The Quarry and Ringleader of the […]

Pretty Green Doesn’t Plan To Offer Women’s Line

Female fans of Liam Gallagher’s fashion line, Pretty Green, will have to wait a long while before the label will add a women’s collection. In a radio interview with the XFM Evening Show’s Danielle Perry, Gallagher has said that he is not planning on introducing a women’s line to his label in the near future.  […]

Watch Blur at Glastonbury 1998

This weekend, enjoy the full broadcast of Blur’s 1998 Glastonbury appearance. As you can see, there’s a little bit from every album to date, and there’s some good deeper tracks mixed in with the hits. Girls & Boys  |  On Your Own  |  Beetlebum  |  End Of A Century  |  South Park (aka Trailerpark)  |  […]

Welcome Back Menswe@r For A 2014 Gig

Britpop fans have much to look forward to in 2014. While the promise of projects and live dates from members of Suede, Oasis, and Blur are ever-present, it’s the anticipation of the looming twentieth anniversaries for many of our favorite bands and albums that leave us most excited. Who knows, we might be seeing some […]

Up In Smoke? Nope! E-Cig Product Review

Cigarette smoking is a thing even in 2013 despite years of education showing how immensely horrible it is to one’s health. Living in a working class town and enjoying walking I run into this glaring fact every single day. So that’s where electronic cigarette’s come in. Noel Gallagher commented on the Muse drummer smoking a “e-cig” […]

Remembering The Bluetones (1993 – 2011)

Who missed The Bluetones? Four lads from West London came out to surface with double A-Side debut single ‘Slight Return’/’The Fountainhead’ in 1995, then went No.1 on UK Chart with their debut LP ‘Expecting to Fly’. After 6 studio albums, 3 EPs and 20 singles the band decided to disband on March 28th 2011. Too […]