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‘Butterfly’: Supergrass vs. Mansun vs. The Verve vs. Shack

‘Butterfly’: Supergrass vs. Mansun vs. The Verve vs. Shack

Wow! Four, count ’em, FOUR Britpop bands released songs called ‘Butterfly’! Is Britain a land of lepidopterists? Are they all obsessed with the excellent William Wyler film, The Collector? Well, let’s give a listen to the four butterflies to see what they’re all about. Supergrass – Butterfly This is the final track on their last […]

4 Britpop Books To Read Now

The publication of Morrissey’s Autobiography has been an immediate success. The book has performed so well already that it has become one of the fastest-selling memoirs on record and is now the fastest-selling autobiography ever written by a musician, overtaking Keith Richards’ Life. Autobiography is now the second fastest-selling memoir of all time after Kate […]

4 Seminal UK Albums Everyone Should Hear

Musicians and music fans alike continually praise these four British albums as the most groundbreaking and influential of the past forty years. From the emergence of punk in the 1970s to the rising popularity of dance and electronica, these four bands have played a major role in expanding our understanding of the cultural impact music […]

The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone Gets N. American Release

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary for iconic Manchester group, the Stone Roses. With their breakthrough 1989 debut, the Roses set the tone for British music from the 1990s onward. Though they disbanded shortly after their second album, the impact the band’s scant releases have had on musicians around the world has only increased over […]

Watch Radiohead at Glastonbury 1997

Radiohead played the Main Stage at Glastonbury on June 28, 1997. Their masterpiece, OK Computer, was released the same month, and much of the resulting set list is taken from that album. Lucky  |  My Iron Lung  |  Exit Music (For A Film)  |  The Bends  |  Paranoid Android  |  Karma Police  |  Creep  |  […]

‘Moving’: Suede vs. Supergrass

Suede – Moving ‘Moving’ is Suede’s punkiest outburst from their perfect 1993 debut. Between the barrage of Simon Gilbert’s drums, Bernard Butler’s amazingly spastic guitar, and Brett Anderson’s beautifully off-kilter caterwauling, ‘Moving’ is, well, just that. At just under three minutes, this song is a real bruiser. VS. Supergrass – Moving Supergrass’ song begins as […]

Noel Gallagher Hates Books

This week’s GQ interview with Noel Gallagher sees the outspoken songwriter giving readers and bemused passers-by a comprehensive list of the vile things that currently plague his life. From One Direction to litterbugs, he tackles the important things in life. The biggest shocker is how much he takes literature as a personal affront. His epic, […]

Watch Radiohead at Reading 2009

Here is Radiohead’s full performance from the 2009 Reading Festival. The band’s set encompasses their entire career, including hits from Pablo Honey, The Bends, and OK Computer. Creep  |  The National Anthem  |  15 Step  |  There There  |  Street Spirit (Fade Out  |  Reckoner  |  Karma Police  |  Weird Fishes/Arpeggi  |  Just  |  Idioteque  […]

Watch Suede at Rockpalast 1997

Here is Suede’s full set from March 30, 1997, which aired on a German television show called Rockpalast. The camera operator was in love with Neil Codling, so brace yourself for the many withering stares of Pliers. She  |  Trash  |  Lazy  |  Animal Nitrate  | By The Sea  |  Starcrazy  |  So Young  |  […]