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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Strypes Album Review: Snapshot

It’s 36 minutes long, and starts with a burst of feedback. These are two promising signs before we even get into the first song, ‘Mystery Man’. But first we need to take a step back. The Strypes are this year’s Great Saviours Of The Music Industry: four Irish teenagers who sound like early 60s garage […]

Watch Suede Live At Benicassim 1997

This weekend would be a great time to enjoy this video of Suede live at the Spanish festival Benicassim from 1997. While aspects are a bit rough (the sound and image quality is shaky, and Brett is bordering on trainwreck here), the music is still fantastic. The band highlighted a mixture of old hits like […]

The Stone Roses Third Album in 2015: Another Great Expectation?

Another speculation of The Stone Roses’ new material has been surfacing again early this evening. It was Mani’s interview with Gigslutz that started the news; “2015 man, 2015” said the bassist answering the possibility of their third album. Previously the rumors of The Stone Roses new material surfaced after a picture of their pre-Heaton Park […]

‘Street Lights’: Pulp vs. Puressence

Pulp – Street Lites Pulp’s b-side ‘Street Lites’ does what Jarvis Cocker does so perfectly: flowing narratives delivered in a sultry whisper, simultaneously a short vignette and sweet nothings purred to a forbidden lover. A combination of sex and Northern kitchen sink drama, affairs and catching people unawares. This is classic Jarvis, and the shimmery […]

jarvis cocker reading a book

News In Pictures: Texts from Jarvis Cocker

Now that the new IOS is here I felt it right to release these hilarious texts I received from a not so real Jarvo Cocker. This is intended as satire and are not actual texts from Jarvis cocker. Text conversations are inspired from Lyrics created by Jarvis Cocker through songs published by Rough Trade and […]

Watch Arctic Monkeys Full Glastonbury 2013 Set

In honor of the long-awaited release of the Arctic Monkeys’ fifth studio album, AM, spend an hour and a half watching this special about their time at Glastonbury. Jo Whiley narrates a short introductory piece discussing the band’s history and their headling performance on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage in 2007. Stick around for the band’s full […]