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Friday Flashback: Oasis ‘Round Are Way’ (Live Fom the White Room) Video

Friday Flashback: Oasis ‘Round Are Way’ (Live Fom the White Room) Video

I have such sweet memories to this song picking up the Wonderwall single. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll mention it again,  it’s amazing Noel could toss away tracks of this caliber. This could easily have been a single.  For this video I love Boneheads shirt and would dig if we could somehow reproduce this […]

Lets All Watch The Miles Kane Plugged In Session

Imagine being lucky enough to have been one of the 20. That’s right, just 20 people sat in on an acoustic session in April with Miles Kane, the former frontman for The Rascals who has teamed with ex-Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner to form the supergroup The Last Shadow Puppets. But his solo endeavor is […]

Watch Suede’s New Video For ‘Hit Me’

Suede’s third video from their latest album, Bloodsports, debuted today. ‘Hit Me’ takes its cue from Art Brut’s signature song: ‘modern art makes me want to rock out.’ A couple gets to know each other through wanton acts of vandalism in an art museum. Superfluous moustaches and Hitler defacements abound. Destruction of the modern art […]

Northern Uproar Singles Retrospective

I’m a long time fan of these guys and hopefully you dig them. Northern Uproar are one of those hidden little Britpop gems with their career cut a little short before reforming in 2006.  Before the breakup they blessed us with one of the old great fan (or official?) website’s of the late 90’s, two stellar […]

‘Tender’: Blur vs. Monaco

How could a song called ‘Tender’ be anything but heartbreaking? Both of these have lyrics poignant with soul-baring tenderness, though the music takes us beyond dejection dirges into forlorn electropop and gospel. Which gets your vote as the more moving tune? When New Order went on hiatus after 1993’s Republic, bassist Peter Hook dragged the […]

Have You Heard The ‘Be Here Now’ Demo’s?

Ahh the glory of Youtube. The great bastion of “demo’s” and rare tracks. With one fell swoop it killed the Bootleg business. Sorry Will, you got loads of cash from me in the 90’s so you didn’t do too bad. Back to the music. To be totally fair I think these songs are mostly finished demo’s […]

Cast Troubled Times Album Cover

Cast Singles Retrospective

I’ve been following these guys for years and my favorite story about Cast is how I freaking misspelled the lead singers name for 9/10th’s of those years. “John Powers” instead of “John Power”. Laugh all you want, but it’s the truth. People make mistakes. Just like NME can on 9/10th’s of their reviews about Cast […]

Mod Monday: Darling Daisies

Here’s a cute vintage-inspired dress with a darling daisy print and retro silver buttons. I love the satin collar and tie-sash that gives you some shape. Paired with strappy sandals, a wide headband, and retro daisy earrings, this look will be perfect for a spring day. Mod for Each Other Dress from ModCloth from: ModCloth […]