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Flag of France as the country

Le Pop Anglais: 8 Moments In Francophilia

Le Pop Anglais: 8 Moments In Francophilia

Many English songwriters have realized that the best way to strengthen international relations is to enter into a musical alliance. The obsession with all things Gallic is shared by many top Britpop bands, who have sought to add a little je ne sais quoi to the glitz of their pop song perfection.  The language of […]

Sleeper Album Review: Smart

Sleeper’s 1995 debut Smart introduced us to Louise Wener and the Sleeperblokes – Jon Stewart, Diid Osman and Andy Maclure. Smart was right at home in the emerging Britpop scene of mid-90s London. People think I’m crazy, but I’ve always preferred Smart to its 1996 follow up The It Girl. The It Girl is a […]

Johnny Marr the messenger album cover

Johnny Marr Album Review: ‘The Messenger’

Though the Smiths split up over a quarter of a century ago, this is Johnny Marr’s first solo album. After various stints in other bands – the most recent of which being working with The Cribs on their album ‘Ignore the Ignorant’ – Marr has finally decided to take to the studio with just him […]

Do You Remember Me Me Me?

British musicians have had a taste for astonishing fans with their supergroups, side projects, and diverse collaborations since the 1960s. Many of these extracurricular groupings matched, and sometimes surpassed, the caliber of their original bands. British bands of the past twenty years followed this tradition, which made for some surprising alliances. Who would have ever […]

The Cure Promo Image

The Top 3 Overlooked Cure Records

It’s a rainy day over here in East Tennessee, which means it’s time to select the perfect playlist. Many artists can soundtrack a rainy day, everyone from The Smiths, Travis and Oasis, to Joy Division and Blur. However, when selecting the perfect rain-soaked collection of songs, my attention always returns to one band: The Cure. […]