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Your Day Is Officially Over After Watching The Game of Thrones Opening Sung By A Cat

George R.R.R.R.R Martin is many things. One of them being a Neckbeard. The other being totally in love with his sisters, most likely, or his mother and ewww gross. I mean there is no way in hell that dude could write so much incest into a book and not have some kind of weird fetish of his own,right? (i’m right). I understand that what you write isn’t always a reflection of you. It’s just part of the story-telling and his books tell a lot of stories. 100% stories! It’s just that there is so much incest. I imagine him in a room with cheeto’s and corn-pops stuck on chapter 15 and he doesn’t know where to take the story so…..LETS THROW IN INCEST. He uses it as a plot device way too much for my own liking. ANYWAYS.

One thing I do know for sure is I know this was not written by a brit so in some ways it’s not british and you’re wondering why the hell would a british pop music blog write about this? To be honest: I want to. So whatever. However, truthfully, the setting of the game of thrones series is played out as a compilation of many western stories throughout time packed together into one. You’ve got the invasion of the moors and the conflict with the middle east. Then there’s the english scottish problem as well as the infighting of the British. There’s the scary welsh and the pesky irish. Regardless the central part of that story is of an island with a large southern city and whose television accents are British. So therefore in my mind I see england> london> british and that’s enough for me to write about this here. Even though I hate to admit the hall is in a way Hadrien’s wall and that means anything north means Scotty-land, and somehow in a way ZOMBIES which = bad I’m still ok with the show. I love Scotland and so should you so just look past that zombies part like I do, ok?

Hopefully this makes your day better, it did mine.