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You Really Need To See Suede At Live By The Lake!

You’re on a site called, so you don’t really need an introduction to Suede. But how about seeing them live? We can point you in the proper direction.

Arguably the inventors of the Britpop movement Suede will play Live by the Lake, the 2013 Kenwood House Concert series – on Aug. 23. It’s part of the English Heritage concert season promoted by Rouge Events, and we think this particular show is a necessity for your summer.

Why? Because it’s Suede. Since the day they appeared on the cover of Melody Maker before the release of their first single in 1992, they’ve been the driver of Britpop. They disbanded in 2003, but returned in 2010, and their gigs are must-see.
So are their reviews.
“Suede have had more hype than anybody since the Smiths, or possibly even the Sex Pistols,” the Independent once wrote. “The reviews are florid, poetic, half-crazed; they express the almost lascivious delight of journalists hungry for something to pin their hopes on.”
They practically paved the road for many other bands and they still bear the standard for the movement. Yeah, we’re being florid, poetic and half-crazed. Or, as Brett Anderson himself put it, “Nobody wants to stick their neck out any more, and I think that is a great pity. We did, and we left our mark.”
So get to Kenwood House on Aug. 23 and enjoy the scenery and the legendary group. If you’re bent on getting a discounted ticket price, go to and use these postcodes: NW3, N6, NW5, NW6, NW1, NW11, NW2, NW8 when buying tickets.