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You Have Seen Jarvis Cocker’s Kid Albert, right?

About 2 years ago a few pictures surfaced online of Jarvis’s son Albert so this is : OLD NEWS. But who gives a shit right?  This will totally make your day people. We’ve seen famous musicians children go on to make music – Sean Lennon or JULIAN Lennon. Wow I totally forgot about that guy since like forever. Oh my, you know julian lennon right? I mean , you should but O-K..I have to stop talking about Jarvo’s kid for a second because I need to run down this Julian tanget. So lets watch this and laugh because you’ll say “yeah…I actually remember this song!” (and it’s pretty good in that cheesy pop son of a famous rock star from the 60’s kind of way)

I’ve complied the photos I could find of Jarvis’s mini-me in the gallery below.

Snagged a bunch of the pictures from the Albert Cocker Tumblr Tag.