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You’ve heard Brothers and Sisters by Coldplay, right?

Brothers & Sisters” is a song by Coldplay, released as their first single in 1999 following the release of the bands first EP Safety, released a year earlier. It was later re-released as an EP.

After forming in 1998, Coldplay met up with local record label Fierce Panda Records after a representative from said label saw them perform at the Camden Falcon in December of that year. Fierce Panda offered to release their debut single, and the band agreed, signing a short record deal. 1,500 copies of the vinyl single were issued in a special wraparound picture sleeve. It peaked at #107 on the UK Singles Chart.

According to the singles liner notes, recording completed in only four days and cost the band a lowly sum of £400.

The atmospheric sounds on “Easy to Please” were created by setting up microphones on a wet road outside the studio.

From wikipedia