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YBS….Or Your Band Sucks: Oasis

Did you know that right now THOUSANDS of people out on the internets hate your band. Not just hate as in the “i’m jealous of you for some reason but am too proud to admit it publicly” way but hate to the point they go out on youtube and comment or write stories on their blog about them. We can all have our feelings about them to be sure. I really dont think anyone is wanting to keep you from disseminanting your hate in comments, but are these feelings valid? Mine always are, of course. And yours probably so too! But the public at large? Screw em. They’re WRONG.

So Lets all point and laugh at these people who hate Oasis.

Why Oasis Sucks –
Oasis sucks – Lonelyplanet (a freaking travel blog)
Oasis  Sucks BTMTS  – The
Oasis sucks dooki* Cigars (I really can’t understand this one) –


3 reasons why Oasis sucks

Do you love or hate Oasis? Leave the hate or love in the comments…I guess.

This post is the first in the YBS…Or Your Band Sucks series