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X-Factor To Go Britpop For Night? Do We Care?

Kate Moss Calvin Klein AdAccording to this article Kate Moss, she of Heroin Chic fame was approached about doing a one off themed “britpop” night. As should be apparent I do find most anything in that scene fairly interesting and we end up posting it here but it is causing me to stop and go, “hmmmm”.

Britpop was to me one of the last times in music where it’s creation felt more organic in nature. While there was the eventual commercialization of it as with everything “cool”, and that is to say that once people find something that is neat it will be beaten to death over and over again by the masses until it’s lost it’s charm (think austin, tx), I’m a little leery of this. Do we need to turn it into a dress up night? I guess whatever floats your boat and makes you have a smile is worthwhile in life. I guess it is.

But then again we do love fashion here.

And is Kate Moss the only person they could find to talk about that scene?