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Great Websites For Traveling In Europe

Hey everybody! We’re pretty much rolling towards the “Holiday Season” of whatever your fancy might be.

I’m a Christmas guy myself. Around the house here we celebrate  in our own way by lavishing each other with lots of little gifts to make for a super long present opening. Over the years the number of those gifts have dwindled because we have every damn thing you can imagine. So we’re onto the travel instead of gifts thing.  Of course being stationed in the US kind of blows to any trips around the Kingdom but so be it. With that said we’ll be traveling a bit this year even with the baby and I wanted to point out a few things I’ve been utilizing for travel this Holiday Season.

Holiday Travel In The UK

:Like the title suggested here are three websites I’ve been using for holidays in the United Kingdom

Holiday Gems: If you’re in the Uk and are traveling out for Holiday then this is a good one. Check out the All Inclusive section of the site specifically. We stayed at an All Inclusive on our Honeymoon and cannot recommend these enough if you want to feel like a king. Sure it’s the ultimate in lavishness but if you’ve never been to one before, you should at least once.

Skyscanner: This site is great because you can essentially say where you’re going and find out the lowest fares for any given month, or even a year. I put in flights from NYC to Olso and found a fare for $348 american. Generally flights from American to anywhere in Europe outside of Ireland don’t go below $500.

Kayak: The site is easy enough, but it’s changed (not for the better) over time. I enjoy the App far more because you can utilize the “buzz” section. It’s kind of a slimmed down Skyscanner in that you only can see the month. It’s been around awhile so there’s that.