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Why Did Major Force Not Make It On The Last Verve Album

Help me understand this one folks. That last Verve album was really really poor. I mean, they did “woo woo woo woo woo” as the main part to a song. Enough said.

But I’ll say more.

That album was terrible, and if you liked it I’m sorry, but it’s bad and you really need to accept that. “Your own tastes” or “just your opinion” is silly to me as well. I’m not the be all end all of music and certain just because I approve of something doesn’t make it right, but this album is bad. But not as bad as Keane. How do I know? Listen to any of their previous 3 works and then listen to any song off this album. You’ll hear a band that is devoid of any life. It feels constricted and too predictable. It’s terribly mixed on top. One needs to listen to Love is Noise and tell me where exactly they though the guitar would sit in the mix. Crash’s being equally as loud as the guitar and the bass being lower than the horrible loop? They’ve ceased to sound like whatever The Verve were making and tread dangerously on U2 waters. Woo Woo Woo Woooooo if you like that I guess.

It’s still shocking to me this song didn’t make it to the album. What did you think, were you a fan? Help convince me my opinion is wrong here.