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Who Should Record the Next James Bond Theme Instead of Adele?

Rumor has it that Adele has signed on to sing the next James Bond theme. Her 2012 song “Skyfall” won her an Oscar, Golden Globe, and Brit Award. It’s a good song that continues the Shirley Bassey tradition of syrupy vixen vocals, I’ll give her that. But I think it’s time to give someone else a shot, and maybe bring a little bit of rock ‘n roll to 007. Here are some British bands that would be natural choices:

Noel Gallagher (and his High Flying Birds)

Many fans have already commented how “Freaky Teeth” could be a Bond theme. It’s got a cool frenetic opening riff and attitude.

Beady Eye

Ok, if you don’t want Noel, how about Liam? The band has been putting out 60s-flavored rock songs and could bring a bit of gnarl to the flick.

The Last Shadow Puppets

If there were ever a reason to get Alex Turner and Miles Kane back in the studio together, a James Bond theme song might do it. Their harmonized odes to the mod 60s would be a perfect match for the film.


They already have a song called “I Spy,” and Jarvis Cocker’s vocals ooze more conceited sexiness than Daniel Craig himself.


Who else would you add to the list?