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Whisper Dirty Words: A Retrospective on Minxus

Those who follow the good ol’ eccentric, gender-bending rock act that is Placebo may be familiar with this name, as credited on Placebo’s latest EP, B3.  The name is Minxus. Their song “I Know You Want To Stop” became a much sought after track, after Placebo debuted their cover version back in Summer of 2012. Though not a single, it was the first new song Placebo had played since “Trigger Happy Hands”, and created much buzz about how their new album was going. Placebo are known for doing covers by bands or artists that they feel inspired them, and don’t get enough acclaim in the press. But just who were Minxus, and why, with such a heavy rocking tune, did they never make it past one album?


Minxus were an odd, alternative three-piece from the mid-nineties, consisting of Gavin Peerce on guitar (and vocals for three songs), Joe Whitney on drums, and the stunning She Rocola (formerly of the late 80s post-punk/alt. act The Charity Case) on lead vocals, while plucking out incredible, and memorable bass lines. They were signed to label Too Pure, a label that is responsible for the release of PJ Harvey’s debut album. Much like PJ, She Rocola had a very distinctive vocal style, that was in stark contrast to the music Minxus made; theatrical, with an edge that can be compared to Punk/Goth legend Siouxsie Sioux. The band released two singles in 1994, “Steal Steal Steal” (stand alone 7”), and “Silk Purse” (featured on their album).

Minxus’ one full effort, Pabulum (1995), is very much a representation of the band in a nutshell. Laced with a punky, energetic briskness, a bit of dark humor, and lyrics about female sexuality, and misogyny, it’s hard to believe they would go unnoticed at a time when female-fronted bands seemed to take over the scene. But the album—though it received positive reviews—sold very few copies. Minxus fell at the waist side, with no real audience to sustain them, and the band split up shortly after.

For those who are interested, Pabulum is available online to download, and here are two reviews written at the time of its release:

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