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Where Do I Start With Suede?

As we swiftly approach the release of Suede’s new album Bloodsports on March 19, I want to share an article that I wrote for the Huffington Post last summer. If you aren’t terribly familiar with Suede’s back catalog, check out my handy listening guide to determine where to start with their music. From the article:

It’s best to start at the beginning. Bands’ initial releases are often their most earnest and it’s no different in the case of Suede’s 1993 self-titled debut. Suede is dripping with everything that would become the group’s lyrical calling card: drugs, sex, androgyny and gritty London life. The album’s cover depicts two people of indeterminate gender kissing. On “The Drowners,” Anderson ruffles the feathers of conservatives everywhere with the line, “We kiss in his room to a popular tune.” The song title “Animal Nitrate” is a play on amyl nitrate. The chorus of “So Young” goes, “We’re so young and so gone, let’s chase the dragon.”

Suede’s debut turns 20 this year.

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