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When Did You First Get Introduced To Pulp? (Do You Remember The First Time?)

I’m curious how you became a fan or even introduced to Pulp. Maybe you just got into them now that they have “reformed”. Maybe you discovered them in 96 and forgot about how much you liked it or still like them. Maybe you got into them from the very start and you are just an OG person like that because everyone loves to say that they were there from the state. So with that all said I’ll share my story below, but I’m more interested in hearing yours!

The year was 1996, the height of Britpop, and my sister brought home the Different Class album that some pen-pal had sent. Remember that? We used to actually write letters to people. I was heavily into Oasis at the time and that distorted guitar sound really stuck out. I loved the larger than life singer with gigantic chorus. In that regard the first track Mis-Shapes was so right up my alley it wasn’t even funny. I think I skipped the next track and landed on Common People and then Disco 2000. From that point on I was sold on Pulp being a band I at the very least could put on when I was tired of Oasis. Not until years later, having a bit of growing up, and finally listening to His n’ Hers for Pulp to really stick with me.

So tell me about you. Was it a song? Was it a moment? What stuck out for you with Pulp?