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Whatever Happened to the Cooper Temple Clause?

The Cooper Temple Clause emerged from Reading, UK during the height of the post-punk revival. The NME hailed them as the new saviors of rock ‘n’ roll (though let’s be honest, what band didn’t earn that title sometime between 2001 and 2006?). Their sound wasn’t the straight-up garage rock of their contemporaries like the Strokes and the Vines. Instead, the Coopers were six guys highly influenced by none other than Britpop outsiders Mansun. The band amicably called it quits in 2007. Of all of those “new rock revolution” bands, the Coopers were certainly my favorite. So now it’s 2012 and where the hell are they?

Bassist Didz Hammond managed to stay in the spotlight. In 2005, he left TCTC to join ex-Libertine Carl Barat’s new venture the Dirty Pretty Things. After that fizzled, he went on to play bass in Suede front man Brett Anderson’s solo band. Then, he managed to score the gig of a lifetime managing Suede. In 2002, the NME dubbed Didzy the 34th coolest man in rock and I think it’s safe to say he’s still cool.

Lead singer Ben Gautrey now manages a football club. Recently, he has been collaborating on new music with former CTC keyboard player Kieran Mahon. In the interim, Mahon earned a degree in architecture. You can follow their new band, Type Two Error, on Twitter for all updates.

Guitarist Dan Fisher is also making music again, this time with his band Red Kite. Their sound is reminiscent of the Cooper Temple Clause so if you’ve missed this band as much as I have, you’ll be devouring Red Kite.

Guitarist Tom Bellamy is also still in the music business and can be found DJing under the aliases “Rhysmix” and “Losers.”

Since the Cooper Temple Split, drummer Jon Harper has played with both Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) and IAMX.

At the end of the day, all I want is a Cooper Temple Reunion. Make it happen?

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