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Whatever Happened to Elastica’s Donna Matthews?

Donna ElasticaIn the ’90s, Donna Matthews played guitar in Elastica. She partied hard and was romantically linked to Menswe@r’s Chris Gentry, Shed Seven’s Rick Witter and Elastica drummer Justin Welch. By 1999, she had left Elastica. In the early 2000s, Donna briefly surfaced with her new band Klang. They released one album and were never heard from again. Since then, Donna has largely remained out of the spotlight. She began studying music at the Dartington College of Arts and also converted to Christianity. My friend Julia managed to track down some videos of Donna performing her Jesus-inspired tunes in recent years. Donna has traded in the Wire-inspired post-punk of Elastica for stripped down folk. She unfortunately struggled with substance abuse in the ’90s so I hope that her new life has afforded her some much needed peace and happiness.

For further listening, check out Donna’s MySpace page.

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