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What Would You Ask John Power Of Cast If You Ran Into Him At A Pub?

Do you know the band Cast? Well, you should because they’re amazing. If you don’t though that’s ok as now is your chance to learn more! Just watch that video of the song “Alright” above. It’s one of my favorite songs!

I asked if you know Cast because we’re getting the chance to speak with John Powers. (freakout mode). This is very exciting for me, but also totally frightening. I’m a former Sports editor for the web no less. I write code, think about stories, and look at web traffic. I’m not a pro-interviewer.

Our other editors suggested this: what would you do if you ran into him at the pub? My response was: I’d probably take 2-3 shots to build up some liquid courage and not say anything at all. I’m a nod acknowledge you’re famous type of guy. I don’t want to mess up your alone time, you know? Then again the professional in my says that this website helps this band and others like his. Furthermore it helps keep the music we love alive and I want to bring value to his time and band. So, that’s where you guys come in. I’d love to get some feedback…

What would you say to John Power if you ran into him at the bar? We’re also asking this on twitter as well as facebook so feel free to comment anywhere!