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What The Hell Happened To Tim Burgess’s Hair

It seems one of the Brit Pop kings Tim Burgess has written a Bio called the last album that anyone gave a shit about “Tellin’ Stories”. In the interview I link here Tim talks about all manner of things from Jamie Oliver, waking up in the morning, and the Sex Pistols. I know that most media have just mailed it in, but this just reeks of laziness. I mean, Lucy Jones doesn’t even have a page on The Telegraph. What gives? Whatever. You’re asking yourself WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WEBSITES I’M HERE JUST TO READ ABOUT TB’S HAIRCUT. OK. I get it OK!! (I don’t). So, what gives with this haircut Tim? I mean, there was a period of 4-6 years where you had a shit hot hair cut And now this?








Or this.


Please don’t take this the wrong way –  I love Tim Burgess. Lots. I mean, this dude was in my tape deck for years. FOR. YEARS. And being a permanent tape deck feature means that you are LOVED in my book. However,  as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed Tim going a bit peculiar and the music not aging well with me. Not that having a bleach blonde hair means peculiar by any stretch. It’s mostly just what he’s become as well as the hair. He eats only grapes and shakes? Sure. That’s great. I think eating healthy is a smart thing to do, but ONLY GRAPES and SHAKES? And then there is the cereal nonsense with utterly unhealthy ingredients. Ok, Tim, sure why not. We’re all a bit ironic in what we do, but what the hell did you do to your totes amaze balls hair?



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