Pretty Green

What Songs Would You Say Were The “Best of Britpop?”

For such a deep scene I think it’s fairly hard to make a “best of” list without having to go 20-30 deep, and even still I’d miss out on a few so my question to you is a bit of a trick one. For example some people like the cool brittania side with Blur or Pulp, or that glam/pretty boy side of things with Suede and Richey from the Manics, then there’s the folks that fall on the rock side of things with Oasis and the Roses.  Maybe you like that leftover shoe-gaze thing and bands whose sound evolved like Lush, and Ride. I think you get my point.

I generally like everything within it the scene and really music in general therefore I think I can speak to some kind of “best of” list in a manner of speaking. We’ll revisit this someday when we have time to do a complete list so for now here are a few songs I think would appear on a “Best of Britpop” songs list.

What would you put on your list?

In no order…

1. The Charlatans – Just Looking

2.  Pulp – Mis-Shapes

3. Elastica – Connection

4. Supergrass – Alright

5. Blur – Popscene