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What Is Britpop Fashion?

We’ve been throwing the term “Britpop fashion” around quite a lot lately here on Britpop News. Many of you are probably scratching your heads and thinking, wait what? Britpop was fashionable? Certainly it has been remembered for being the complete opposite! Sure some of our favorite Britpop stars can be remembered for donning some questionable outfits in the ’90s (I’m looking at you, Jarvis Cocker — wtf were those jelly shoes you wore in that one photo shoot? I mean, I wore jellies in the ’90s but I was also a little kid!) but the scene largely gave way to a style that has aged well and is still worn today.

Pulp Jarvis CockerJarvis’ infamous jelly shoes — Candida, we see yours as well!

If you’re building a Britpop wardrobe, the first staple in your dresser should be a Fred Perry polo. In fact, wait until they go on sale (or trawl eBay) and buy them in every damn color. The Fred Perry polo was synonymous with Britpop (and has ties to various other music scenes including skinhead punk and ska). Girls and boys alike proudly donned their Fred Perrys.

EchobellyEchobelly’s Sonya Madan sporting a Fred Perry

Damon Albarn Fred PerryBlur’s Damon Albarn in Fred Perry

Great, so you’ve got your Fred Perry shirt but it’s chilly. How does the Britpop aficionado keep him or herself warm? You’ve got two options – follow the tried and true method of the mods and throw on a parka, or invest in a Harrington jacket. I grew up associating Harrington jackets with my grandfather. Little did I know that he was actually a Britpop star in disguise! 😉

Damon Albarn Harrington jacketDamon again, this time in a Harrington jacket

Liam Gallagher parkLiam Gallagher in a parka

In Britpop fashion, you’ve got a bit of leeway when it comes to trousers. Many Britpop stars like Noel Gallagher and Bernard Butler favored denim while a few others preferred to wear slacks. Britpop girls seemed to favor skinny jeans and leggings. Shoes were far more important. If Britpop had a footwear sponsor it would most certainly be Doc Martens. Suede and Elastica in particular were usually seen sporting their Docs. Noel Gallagher seemed to prefer Adidas Sambas soccer shoes. Richard Ashcroft from the Verve famously wore a pair of desert boots on the cover of Urban Hymns. Neil Codling from Suede was even once photographed in a pair of Buffalo boots — yes, the same brand of boots that the Spice Girls wore! The ’90s were a weird time.

Bernard Butler suedeBernard Butler in denim

Justine Frischmann ElasticaJustine Frischmann in jeans and Doc Martens

Britpop fashion sees a lot of crossover with mod fashion. Menswe@r were famous for this – they appeared in the NME styled to the nines in trendy mod cut suits. The Britpop girls took style cues from the ’60s as well. Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson from Lush were often photographed in A-line mini dresses or skirts. Candida Doyle from Pulp was known for wearing mini skirts and brightly colored tops and tights, much like the girls of Carnaby Street.

Menswear BritpopMenswe@r

Miki Berenyi Emma AndersonMiki Berenyi and Emma Anderson with the rest of Lush

It’s hard to pin down one specific Britpop haircut. For the men, it was largely all about a shaggy ‘do inspired by Paul Weller when he was with the Jam. For the girls, it was all over the board. Justine Frischmann and Louise Wener rocked short cuts while the Lush ladies wore their hair longer. Miki Berenyi famously dyed her hair bright, bright red and gave Geri Halliwell a run for her money!

Shed SevenRick Witter of Shed Seven

Louise Wener SleeperLouise Wener of Sleeper

So there you have it: a crash course in Britpop fashion. Turn up that Supergrass record and get shopping!

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