Pretty Green

What do you think of this Oasis making of the album video?

Every band is positive about their new album’s this is fact. You’ll never really hear bands say “actually, this album is regressive and a total miss on our sound. We took every last chord progression on the previous album and rewrote it super fast without much energy”. You don’t hear say that because that affects records sales, I guess. Or maybe some PR type who wants everything to sound positive and leave no door open for you to think negative. I think why can’t you just say “yeah we really like it”. Rather than saying “it’s the BEST THING YOU”LL EVER HEAR”. The let down when you realize that it’s not the best thing you’ve ever heard is more of a bad thing in my book. But then again who am I?

So this video: This documentary runs down all the songs off the “Don’t believe the truth” album getting feedback from Andy, Gem, Liam and Noel along the way. It’s a good insight to the marketing beast that was Oasis (see above statement) but it’s nice to hear them rundown their “comeback” album”. What is cool about this and why you should listen to this is to look back on what people say at the time and evaluate it if it still applies.

Don’t believe the truth was to me a great album and seemed like a moment that the 2nd lineup (tony mccarroll not-with-standing) got to a place where they were comfortable with songwriting and actually being a band. This documentary reflects that.