Pretty Green

What Do You Think Of This Live Forever Demo?

Whew, even in demo form this song still sounds great. We’ve got a slightly different intro going on with an acoustic rythum, some light lead guitar and the drums not really kicking in until the chorus. The vocals aren’t as strong, but is that because everything else is so loud compared to Liam’s voice (as he says he had to scream)? The lead solo is a bit different with some chord shapes tossed in there instead of the holding of notes, though that descending part is still there near the end that really makes the song.
Here’s the “about” from youtube.

Recorded in September 1993 at Loco Studios, Newport. Released on tape by NME.

This is Andy Bell’s favourite version of Live Forever where he talks about it on the Definitely Maybe DVD. This demo version of Live Forever begins with an acoustic guitar intro. While recording the album version, the record’s producer Owen Morris cut out this intro and replaced it with a drumbeat played by Tony McCarroll. Morris further cut a second part in Gallagher’s guitar solo. Although Gallagher was upset, Morris felt the part had sounded “a bit like fucking Slash from Guns N’ Roses”.

What do you think of it?