Pretty Green

What do you think of D’You Know What I Mean years later?

All the Be Here Now songs sound 100x better live and this song no doubt.

I love D’You Know What I mean in so many ways. One of them in a 7 minute and 44 second kind of way. We can all agree that the damn album was too long. I understand, you understand, WE ALL UNDERSTAND now lets be quiet about it. This song was still really damn good and even a bit progressive for it’s time. It was all at once was Oasis was and was to become. Here’s a cool little bit of info I didn’t know about that song: the morse code part.

“The morse code in the background was inspired by Strawberry Fields. We got hold of a code book and tried to tap out ‘Bugger All’ to follow that line ‘Don’t look back cos you know what you might see’. But if anyone can tell me what we really said, please let me know. Profound lagerisms” (from Wikipedia)

I’m going to make a profound lagerismimimimimimsimsimsim statement. The B-side, stay young, should have been a single. There, I said it.