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We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

We’ve all heard television commercials say, “Tune in for tonight’s episode of… .” Remember when we actually had to tune our TVs to a certain channel? Those round, numbered dials and the click they’d make going from channel to channel (all 10 of them!)? Maybe I’m going back a little too far for some of you, but I remember my frugal grandmother having the same black and white TV set for decades and not seeing the need to upgrade to something more modern. When I was a child, we had one of those enormous getups with a small screen set inside a huge wooden cabinet. I remember the shift when we no longer had to use “bunny ears” antennae to get reception.

We’ve come a long way in entertainment, and television is no exception. Check out the info graphic below to see just how things have changed. I thought it was a big deal when we bought our first HD television – now Sony has a new 4K TV HD TVs that would blow mine out of the water. Think of how great our Friday Flashback videos would look and sound on a 4K TV! We all know Sony has a great range of high quality televisions, but I’m most drawn to the “smart TV ” series that has an easy interface, built-in WIFI, and excellent sound. I love movies but I love music even more (could you tell?) and this is a great TV for watching videos or streaming radio for a party or holiday.

One thing that has always put me off about my home entertainment setup is that I have all these cables lying around. To have something do just about everything I want is so clutch. I realize being in the cloud is kind of weird to some people, like Ron Swanson, but I’m all about it. I’m tired of my 20gig hard drive sticking around with some files I haven’t opened in 15 years, you know? And having a super baller resolution TV and all those features, sign me up.

TV: Past vs Present - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony


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