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Weekender Question: Who Do You Like More Beady Eye Or Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds?

Hey Weekenders! Simple but hard question: Who do you like more Beady Eye or Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds?

With Beady Eye you’ve got 3/4th’s of what used to be Oasis and have carried on with that tradition of rock music. It’s more straight forward than in the past, but also carries an edgier or maybe grittier brand of rock than Oasis. They’ve had quite a few top quality quality singles with The Roller, Bring The Light and Millionare and then arguably their strongest song of all: Four Letter Word – it’s their “Rock n’ Roll Star”. The album is long and in your face at times but a solid effort.

With Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds you’ve got of course the magic of Noel Gallagher song writing. An album of well put together songs like The Death of You and Me, What a Life, Dream On and Everybody’s on the run really stand out. High Flying Birds showcases an album full of Noel on vocals something a lot of Oasis fans have drooled at the thought of. It’s lacking the guitar solo’s of yesteryear and almost the exact opposite of the beady eye album but it’s mature and focused from start to finish.

So who do you like more?

If you feel so inclined to comment please remember to back up what you think with a why. A simple “noel sucks” is bad commenting and we’re all above that.