Pretty Green

We Are Now Less Than One Month From The Stone Roses Playing Again!

DUDE! Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. The. Stone. Roses. Live.

June 8th at Club Razzmatazz, Barcelona is going to be offff the hook – as the young kids say. I mean, this is their first show. It’s going to be HUGE. Honestly, I didn’t think this would happen. And the crappy thing is that there is still a chance it won’t. These dudes hated each other for years. Gladly, like respectful adults, they got over their issues. Maybe. You never know.

So this first gig is going to be held under a MICROSCOPE. I mean, this is the most beloved British rock band outside of The Jam and Smiths that didn’t reform (Of course The Beatles too) is now playing. There are so many questions. Are we getting new songs? I imagine that in almost a year to get ready they wrote something, right? Will Ian attempt to actually sing? Will he use a lot of Reverb to mask his inability to project? And what will the set-list be? Sure Breaking into Heaven was great but the sound and direction was sooooooooo what dissolved that band. Not that I’d have an issue with them playing the song but it really is worth noting. Then again they can’t just play everything up until The Second Coming. That would be them admitting a fault with their work, and they won’t. Can Reni still drum the songs over 22 years later? The dude was a maniac and to still have that energy will be pretty hard to overcome. I imagine at least. Squire will show up, of course, but will his sound be that Les Paul rock, or is he breaking out the Gretch and Strat laden with effects? The midivierb is still on ebay (I own one).

This is all so incredibly complex to the music nerds like us (see: not at all), but the reality is I really hope they deliver. And of course I’ll be glued to youtube watching for every damn track as they pop up to tell if they do. You can  expect them to start appearing here after each show too by the way. I’ll tell you why you know this will happen: I was a Stone Roses bootleg TAPE collector for years in the late 90’s. Along with Will Odell we would trade tapes for either money or shows I got. It was an obsession. I’m chompin at the bit at the chance to have new videos of Reni playing. It is in a word: awesome. The thing is Reni playing is mostly what it is really about for Stone Roses fans, right? Getting the man behind the kit and for us to settle into that white person booty shake. Right? RIGHT?